This project was a complete tear-out of a nightclub, transforming it into an industrial local sports bar with a classy touch. The timeline for the Hooligan’s project was extremely tight - finishing in just 8 weeks, before the final opening day goal, even with the constraints of a downtown location. All of the furniture and interior were custom fabricated to embrace the Hooligan’s brand,

BayPoint Contracting oversaw all of the trades, and staff, consultants to keep everything on schedule. Tasks included demolition for interior, clean up for demolition, modifying furniture to fit the custom job, and finding custom solutions from local and North American suppliers. Interior and exterior reclaimed brick was new, reclaimed wood was sourced locally and the refinished steel was custom fabricated on and off-site. Unique details included such things as sourcing old barbells to achieve an industrial, one of a kind look.

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